Strategic communication

We work together with clients to produce communication strategies that turn your objectives into action. A communication strategy is essential: if a business strategy is your company’s road map, then your communication plan ensures everyone is aboard the bus. Tailored to the goals of your overarching strategy, Timmins Ray will help you develop a communication plan that ensures you’re communicating your priorities in the right way, to the right audiences. Timmins Ray communication strategies identify: Context and intention, Your organisation’s strengths, vulnerabilities and opportunities, Internal and external stakeholders, Targeted objectives for different audiences, and Practical, measurable plans for communication activities[...]

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Stakeholder and community engagement

A stakeholder is anyone with an interest in your organisation’s activities. Open communication between businesses and stakeholders is essential to build trust and ensure everyone is included in decision-making that affects them. Genuine stakeholder and community consultation and engagement is an ongoing, positive dialogue. A transparent feedback loop that prevents topics from escalating into issues. Good stakeholder engagement is key to the smooth delivery of projects, upholding your company’s standing in the community, and achieving the best outcome for all parties. As a member of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2), Timmins Ray develops stakeholder and community engagement plans[...]

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Issues and crisis management

Despite an organisation’s best intentions, issues inevitably arise. Without a plan, issues can escalate into crises. Timmins Ray offers comprehensive issues and crisis management, from preparation to real-time response and recovery. We develop tailored, holistic strategies that provide: Overarching objectives around risk management and issues-handling, Guidance in developing internal policies and procedures, Effective issues and crisis communication with stakeholders and media, and Practical measures for reputation recovery and rebuilding trust with stakeholders and the community.

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Crisis simulations

The best issues management plan in the world is no good gathering dust on a shelf. We pressure test your company’s preparedness by running intensive crisis simulation workshops. These sessions ensure that everyone in your organisation understands their roles and responsibilities, escalation protocols are stress-tested to expose potential points of weakness, there are clear lines of communication internally and externally, and spokespeople are prepared to front stakeholders and the media. Timmins Ray crisis simulations are renowned for their live-action approach. They are tailored to your needs, whether that be a walkthrough with key personnel, or a full-scale simulation mobilising your[...]

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Media and publicity 

We provide earned media coverage and PR services including: Press conferences and media opportunities, Media releases, Opinion editorials, Background briefings to educate media on a topic, and more.

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Executive media training

Timmins Ray delivers comprehensive media training workshops, developed specifically for your organisation. We offer group sessions as well as one-on-one training with senior executives covering: The Tasmanian media landscape, Media presentation skills, How to develop key messages, Putting it into practice: each participant is given a tailored scenario and must develop key messages, take part in a mock on-camera interview, and receive feedback. Participants receive a media training manual and their interview footage.

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Social media training 

Timmins Ray provides practical training on improving your social media presence, both for your organisation’s official accounts as well as your team’s personal profiles. We develop your social media strategy, including: Honing your organisation’s tone of voice, Identifying audiences, key messages and channels, Proactive content calendars, Reactive audience engagement, and more. We support your people to become social media ambassadors, delivering tailored workshops to optimise social media presence while managing executives’ privacy.

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Stakeholder auditing

A stakeholder audit aims to gauge how satisfied your audiences are with your relationship. It exposes and defines stakeholder attitudes, expectations, concerns and potential issues. Our stakeholder audits provide a safe space for frank and fearless discussion, allowing participants to openly share their opinions with our independent consultants. We foster conversation, capture data, and produce a detailed stakeholder audit report that helps inform and improve your organisation’s interactions and relationships with the community. It is our recommended starting point to inform strategic communication and stakeholder engagement planning.

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Content development

Our experts in content development and copywriting can meet any brief. We integrate into the fabric of your organisation, understand your company’s personality and tone, and know your audience. We provide: Newsletters Editorial articles Speechwriting or talking points Blogs Technical articles and whitepapers Search engine optimised website copy Social media posts Internal copywriting Awards and grant applications Coordination of graphic design, photography, video production, market research and more.

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Campaign management

We build PR campaigns around your organisation’s objectives, taking a concept and organising a suite of activities to achieve your goals. Timmins Ray helps you set campaign goals, identify target audiences, develop and implement an activity plan, and use data-driven insights to monitor and tweak campaign activities to ensure success.

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