Open. Transparent.

Specialists in public relations and strategic advisory services

With over three decades working at the top end of public relations consultancy in Australia and overseas, Tasmania’s largest family-owned PR agency, Timmins Ray, has accumulated an unmatched level of understanding and expertise in public relations and strategic counsel.

Our qualified, highly-skilled consultants each bring unique experience and expertise to deliver the highest standard of strategic advice.

We work together with clients to develop, deliver and execute communication plans and stakeholder and community engagement that are open, transparent and values-based.

Thoughts from some of our clients…

“The impact of COVID-19 border closures, act cancellations and crowd restrictions made the 2021 Festival of Voices particularly challenging. The Timmins Ray team responded to that challenge with media and communication advice that was adaptive, creative and highly responsive to the needs of the Festival. The earned media coverage Timmins Ray secured contributed in no small part to the success of the Festival and in preserving the strength of our brand.”

Peter Choraziak, Festival of Voices Director

“The subtle but strategic role played by Timmins Ray in dealing with both politicians and the bureaucracy on the issue of container refund legislation played a critical role in countering the more assertive lobbying of the big beverage companies. It reflected the respect the consultancy enjoys within political circles for the highly professional way they go about their business. Their knowledge of how the political process works and how best to navigate the nuances of that process were central to our campaign success.”

James Dorney, CEO TOMRA Cleanaway

“Timmins Ray successfully achieved the desired outcome we needed while maintaining and arguably enhancing LGAT’s relationship with Government. They eloquently articulated the merit of LGAT’s position, while sensitively outlining the political risks for Government. It was masterful.”

Dion Lester, CEO Local Government Association of Tasmania