Dealing with governments can be critical to the success of your business in all sorts of ways. However, the challenges of successfully navigating the nuances of government – whether at federal, state or local level – can be complex as well as frustrating to those who don’t have a good understanding of how government works. 

Our training program is designed to teach you the basics of dealing with government at all levels. Most of all, it will teach you how to achieve the right outcome by understanding how the decision-making process works, including who to reach and with what information. 

Government decision-making normally involves a lot of people other than politicians themselves – mostly personal advisers and public servants, who have the important task of advising government. Their influence is critical, yet they are often overlooked.  In most cases, all three – politicians, personal advisers and public servants – are central to the decision-making process.  And sometimes, they can be at odds with each other.

We teach you how to approach the challenge of dealing with government and provide you with insider knowledge, as well as strategies and tactics, to achieve your required result.